Built For Real Estate

FeatherDocs is perfect for real estate brokerages, property management firms, and developers. If you're dealing with leasing, acquisitions, financing, and property management, then FeatherDocs is for you.

Commercial Leasing.

Today more than ever, understanding what is in your leases is critical for complying with your obligations and avoiding default. FeatherDocs brings your leases to a single place and allows you to quickly and easily find and review key provisions such as rent, maintenance, subletting and force majeure.

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Joint Ventures.

FeatherDocs brings structure to the chaotic process of negotiating joint venture agreements. Using FeatherDocs, you'll always have the most recent version of every document at your fingertips so that you never miss last minute changes to key provisions.

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Acquisitions and Dispositions.

Purchasing and selling real estate is a document heavy business, with closing sets reaching hundreds or even thousands of pages. FeatherDocs makes record keeping simple by acting as your single source of truth for every transaction. With FeatherDocs, you wont have to lose time searching or asking your attorney for key transaction documents when they're needed.

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For Sales Teams.

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Keep working the way you're used to

Continue sending and receiving documents using email. FeatherDocs makes your existing workflow better without significant changes.


Documents are organized as you work

FeatherDocs uses powerful new technology to automatically sort and organize your documents as they are sent and received.

Find what your looking for when you need it.

FeatherDocs makes finding your key documents as easy as opening an email. With FeatherDocs, all of your files are accessible right from your inbox.


Our Features

Simple Document Organization

Say goodbye to manually labeling and filing attachments. Feather-Docs does it for you.

Effortless Version Control

Tracking documents has never been easier with FeatherDocs' automatic version control.

Easy Document Comparisons

Never miss a change again using FeatherDocs' built-in document comparison tool.

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