Industry Leading Cyber

FeatherDocs employs state-of-the-art techniques including encryption, data segmentation, and 3rd party audits to ensure data is secure.

Data In Flight

Our systems enforce TLS for public and private networks, and only support certificates signed by well-known CAs. Persistence and storage layers are encrypted and secured behind VPN & VPC firewalls.

SSO/SAML Credentials

We support single sign on solutions to drop into your enterprise credential management system to minimize risk of leakage.

Operational Security

Access to production systems is tightly controlled. All production code is reviewed. We monitor our systems constantly and industry alerts to immediately patch security vulnerabilities in our software.

Data At Rest

Data for each account is isolated with multi-level permission checks at both the application and service layers. All data is stored securely using enterprise-grade standards.

Trusted Infrastructure

FeatherDocs runs on Amazon Web Services in a secure facility with active monitoring, total system logging, and other leading physical security measures.

Third Party Audits

Our systems and process will be regularly audited by outside security specialists to ensure no measures are missed.

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