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FeatherDocs is great for real estate, legal, and sales teams working with complex documents and multiple parties.

For Real Estate Documents.

FeatherDocs is perfect for real estate brokerages, property management firms and developers. If you're dealing with leasing, acquisitions, financing, and property management, then FeatherDocs is for you.

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For Legal Documents.

FeatherDocs makes life easier for teams that are overwhelmed by the number of legal documents coming through their inboxes. With simple organization and document comparisons, you'll never be caught off guard and always be on top of the latest changes.

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For Sales Documents.

Marketing collateral, commission plans, sales contracts, and more. FeatherDocs makes the sales process smoother by bringing all of your most important documents to one place automatically.

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For Sales Teams.

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Keep working the way you're used to

Continue sending and receiving documents however you like, using the tools you are comfortable with.


Documents are organized as you work

FeatherDocs uses powerful new technology to automatically sort and organize your documents as they are sent and received.

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Our Features

Simple Document Organization

Say goodbye to manually labeling and filing attachments. Feather-Docs does it for you.

Effortless Version Control

Tracking documents has never been easier with FeatherDocs' automatic version control.

Easy Document Comparisons

Never miss a change again using FeatherDocs' built-in document comparison tool.

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