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New Hire Spotlight: Dave Deschenes

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Tomer Dorfan
New Hire Spotlight: Dave Deschenes

I'm very excited to announce the newest member of our team, Dave Deschenes, who joined us as a Principal Software Engineer last month. Dave brings over nine years of software development experience in a range of industries, including education, healthcare, and finance. His attention to detail, incredible work ethic, and desire to build something amazing make him a great personality fit for our team.

Dave and I met while working together at EnvoyAI, where Dave was a Lead Software Engineer. Before Dave joined EnvoyAI he was described to me by the engineering team there as one of the most talented and productive developers they've ever met.

Dave's decision to join FeatherDocs is a huge win for our small and growing team and will help us on our mission to deliver industry leading software. Already in his first few weeks of working with us Dave has made significant contributions, including updating our user interface to address feedback we received from our initial beta deployments.

Also, it should be noted that Dave is an excellent Catan player.